Mini Monday Moments
Short-n-sweet, roleplay pep-talks, and comforting affirmations for life's little troubles.

#252 – Family Reunions

1 month ago

Family Reunions

Hey hon. You don't look at all happy about this reunion, is there anything I can do?

Aaah! Well, in that case, how about I be your emergency 'get out of jail free' card? Sure! If you need to bail, just ping me message and I'll be right there to get you out of it, lickity split.

Aaah, don't worry, I've got you.

Mini Monday Moments (MMMs) are short, non erotic, wholly safe for work, (usually) gender neutral audios covering all manner of small, common little day-to-day scenarios that someone may need support/comfort/reassurance for.

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