Mini Monday Moments
Short-n-sweet, roleplay pep-talks, and comforting affirmations for life's little troubles.

#182 – Comfort For Driving Test Nerves

1 month ago

Comfort For Driving Test Nerves

Hey, you're going to be okay. There's no way your instructor would tell you that you're ready for test if you weren't. You're a good, safe driver and this test will only prove that fact. No pressure. Just take your time and do what you know. And remember... you can always have another try. Okay? Good. Go out there and do the best you can.

Mini Monday Moments (MMMs) are short, non erotic, wholly safe for work, (usually) gender neutral audios covering all manner of small, common little day-to-day scenarios that someone may need support/comfort/reassurance for.

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