Mini Monday Moments
Short-n-sweet, roleplay pep-talks, and comforting affirmations for life's little troubles.

#230 – Too Much What?

8 months ago

Too Much What?

ExCUSE me, but who has been telling you this? 'You're too much'? Too much of what? I don't get it. Listen, if they have a problem with enthusiasm and exuberance from someone as kind, gentle, mindful and pleasant as you, then that sounds like a 'Them Problem' not a 'You Problem'

Mini Monday Moments (MMMs) are short, non erotic, wholly safe for work, (usually) gender neutral audios covering all manner of small, common little day-to-day scenarios that someone may need support/comfort/reassurance for.

I would LOVE to record a moment just for you, so please; feel free to suggest a new MMM by using this form: Let me bring a little lightness and joy to your Monday.

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